I94 update - L1A visa

Starting a new thread to get answers to some specific questions.

I am on L1A Blanket with my I797-I129S until March 2022. Since my old passport’s expiry date was Jun 16 2020, my i94 expires on Jun16 2020. I have renewed my passport since. Like many others on this forum, I called up a few CBP offices along the Canada border and the one in Niagara asked me to visit in person to get this updated. But when I went with my wife and kid (on L2 with same i94 expiry as mine) they said that they cannot do it unless I cross the border which is closed now. Looks like some inexperienced officer gave me bad advice on the phone.

I am planning to go to San Ysidro Sentri office sometime this week. We are thinking of the risk of traveling from the East Coast for my wife who is undergoing treatment for an underlying medical condition.

So, is it advisable to get mine done now and for my family later ?
What happens if I get mine done this week and not able to get theirs done before their i94 expires?
How to get their’s done at a later ?
Also, are L1 and H1 cases treated differently at the border ?
While I have all documents - Approval, valid existing i94 until June 16th, old and new passports, address proof, recent pay stubs is there anything else that I should have ?
Any other grounds for the border folks to deny entry ?
No forced quarantine in Mexico ?

Want to assess the risks before going down to San Ysidro

My employers suggest i539 route as the second option but it takes 6 to 8 months to get a decision that could take me beyond 240 days of i94 expiry. Also will I be able to renew my drivers license (couldn’t get an answer on the net).

Hi @Anil_Gupta - Any guidance here please ?

Asking to cross the border happens with many. It depends on the individual CBP officer.

there is no guarantee that you will not be asked to cross border at San Diego border either. It is just based on your luck on that particular day.

I strongly suggest to get the new I-94 before the current one expires for all the family members. If your family member’s I-94 has longer expiry then you can wait for their I-94 renewal.

The process to renew i94 at San Ysidro border: