I94 travel history not coming up

Hi guys,
Recently i have noticed that travel history is not coming up for me on i94 website. Able to see recent i94 details though. Could you pls advise on this and to whom should i reached and how? Appreciate your help. Thank you.

Did you change passports recently? I had this issue and had to look up using the old passport number.

Hi there, i renewed my passport in 2017 and then had india trip in 2019 with new passport. I tried with both old and new pasport, travel history not coming. It was coming for old passport thougg earlier.

Pls advise whom to contact. Thank you

If you were able to pull up the history earlier I wonder if it is a temporary glitch. Do you want to wait a few days and try? You could request a copy of your travel history from CBP to cross check the dates. How to Get a Copy of Your Lost I-94 Travel Record