I94 extension at San Diego Ysidro US Mexico Border during LOCK DOWN

I traveled to SanDiego Ysidro US Mexico Border on April 11th, 2020 and found out that PedWest is currently closed and was redirected to PedEast.

Step1: Walked into PedEast and was stopped by officers to whom I had to explain my case of passport expiry and new passport which caused my existing i-94 to be cut short to old passport expiry. I was asked to take the bridge and go over to Mexico and come back in.

Step2: I took the bridge and got into Mexico where I was stopped by Mexican immigration for knowing the purpose of travel and I had to explain the case which they understood and let me in with a temporary permit.

Step3: After having my bag scanned I got out and walked for ~10 min into the streets and took a U-turn to find signs for entry to the USA.

Step4: USA entry was guarded by some officers to whom I had to explain my case again and they let me into the office [yellow building].

Step5: In the yellow building I was asked by the officer to pay the cashier a 6$ charge for i-94 extension and I took the receipt to go back to the officer at the counter.

Step6: Officer asks me to provide all the documentation which includes i-797, company documentation, DL or Address proof with current Address and goes over my role and responsibilities.

After some introspection, he grants me to stamp in my passport, takes my fingerprints, picture and clips a physical i-94 card. He shows me the way out from the building to entry to the US.

Step7: I take the exit of the building and walk for another min to entry to the PedEast facility where there are multiple counters with CBP officers.

Step8: An officer takes over my case and does another round of questioning and allows me in.

Step9: Bag is scanned and I get back in.


Thanks @Vishnu_Amdiyala for sharing your experience.

Thank you @Vishnu_Amdiyala for sharing your experience. I am in similar situation

Vishnu, did your I-94 expired when you went to SanDiego Ysidro US Mexico Border?
Iā€™m in the same situation and like to extend my I-94, all the CBP offices i called near my location said no since they only do correction and not extension.

It was still valid for another month

@Vishnu_Amdiyala Did you go on a weekend ? Is the pedeast open over weekends ? can you provide me more info ?

I have also i94 expiring in dec this year and h1b valid till 2022.
I am planning to go to San Diego border next week. I wanted to check couple of things with you before visiting

  1. Did you go to San ysidro pedwest or pedeast ? did u had to cross border ?
  2. Can you send me exact address where you went ?
  3. Did you pay online or in person fee ?
  4. Did you try going to Otay mesa ?
  5. Is the pedeast / pedwest open 24x7 ?
  6. What all documents you had to take ?

Kindly let me know. It will be really helpful as I need to go with wife and small kid.