I94 Extend at Laredo for Family - Does my own valid i94 need renewal too?

Hello All, My son’s passport is expiring on Nov 19 and I94 was given till that date. now I got his passport renewed. I am going to Laredo, Tx as per suggestions from this site. Do I need to extend my I94( Valid till June 2020) also ? I will be crossing the border along with my son. Appreciate your help

Hi @durgam4

If you cross the border along with your son, your own i94 will also be renewed. They will issue a new i94 to you too.

CBP officer may not issue a new i94 as it is allowed to re-enter US within 30 days from Mexico. But, it is better to get a new one for you as well. I do not see any issue in either case.

Hi Anil, Thank you for your quick reponse. are there any options available other than crossing the border at Laredo?

Hi @durgam4

Here are all the options:

Hi Anil,

while filling the I-94 online at I94 - Official Website , do i need to give old passport or new passport number?

Hi @durgam4

You can try with new passport first. If it does not work, then use old passport number.

Both options are fine. There is no issue.

Hi Anil, for option #1 CBP Office at US Land Border , is this open 24x7 or only weekdays?

Border crossings are open 24x7 but it is recommended to travel in daytime (including weekends).

I got the I94 updated at Laredo. It was done at the CBP office itself with out crossing the border. I noticed that it got updated with old passport. When I search with new passport number, I am getting “No records found”

Congratulations @durgam4

No need to worry about the old passport number attached to i94. This is normal. You are fine as long as you have the paper i94 in your possession.