I94 Extend at Laredo for Family - Does my own valid i94 need renewal too?

Hello All, My son’s passport is expiring on Nov 19 and I94 was given till that date. now I got his passport renewed. I am going to Laredo, Tx as per suggestions from this site. Do I need to extend my I94( Valid till June 2020) also ? I will be crossing the border along with my son. Appreciate your help

Hi @durgam4

If you cross the border along with your son, your own i94 will also be renewed. They will issue a new i94 to you too.

CBP officer may not issue a new i94 as it is allowed to re-enter US within 30 days from Mexico. But, it is better to get a new one for you as well. I do not see any issue in either case.

Hi Anil, Thank you for your quick reponse. are there any options available other than crossing the border at Laredo?

Hi @durgam4

Here are all the options:

Hi Anil,

while filling the I-94 online at I94 - Official Website , do i need to give old passport or new passport number?

Hi @durgam4

You can try with new passport first. If it does not work, then use old passport number.

Both options are fine. There is no issue.

Hi Anil, for option #1 CBP Office at US Land Border , is this open 24x7 or only weekdays?

Border crossings are open 24x7 but it is recommended to travel in daytime (including weekends).

I got the I94 updated at Laredo. It was done at the CBP office itself with out crossing the border. I noticed that it got updated with old passport. When I search with new passport number, I am getting “No records found”

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Congratulations @durgam4

No need to worry about the old passport number attached to i94. This is normal. You are fine as long as you have the paper i94 in your possession.

Hi Durgam,

Did you cross halfway the bridge or not? Could you please give me your email id so that i can contact you. because i need to do it for my Kid. i am good with my I94


Hi Vamsi… I did not cross halfway. Work completed at CBP office itself. All done in less than 10 mins. durgam4@gmail.com