I94 expired with old passport , but I797 and H1B valid till Jun10.Passport reissue delaying

Hi Everyone,

Passport Expiry Date: Jan 26th 2021
Most Recent Date of Entry: Dec 28th 2019
I-94 Expiry Date: Jan 26th 2021
H1B & Visa Expiry Date: June 10th 2021

My I-94 has expired and I am Out of Status since Jan 26th 2021 (Based on passport expiry Date) and have Valid H1B & Visa until June 10th 2021. My I-140 premium will be filed on Monday i.e., 04/19/2021 and my 6th year of H1b will be ending on Oct 1st 2021.

I Came to know this very recently that my passport and I-94 has expired and have immediately applied for my Passport on March 30th 2021 (Due to covid there is delay in processing and is taking approximately 2 months or more as per Indian Passport processing center). With the delay am expecting my passport delivery would be either few days before my H1B & Visa Expiry date i.e., June 10th 2021 or after it. What will be my possible solutions now? Will H1 extension with NPT help ?

The first thing to do is to tell this to your H1B employer.

The second thing would be to file H1B extension with NPT option as soon as possible.