I94 expired based on old i797 and visa, new i797 approved 6 months prior with future dates

I recently noticed my I-94 shows admitted until date of 8th Feb 2024. I had travelled to Mexico on 19th Jan 2024 and was back on 24th Jan 2024. As I had a valid visa until 8th Feb 2024, my I-94 was updated to 8th Feb 2024 based on my valid old i797 ayt the time of entry. I was not asked for my new I797A then even though I mentioned it. My new I 797A was filled in Sept 2023 with a start date of 9th Feb 2024 with end date of 18th Feb 2027 and has an I-94 attached at the bottom left side with these same dates!
I am planning to travel to India for my visa stamping mid-July 2024. I am also planning for some international trip (Singapore and Bali) before I submit my passport in India for visa stamping on 23rd July.

Do you see any complications for me for reentering USA in mid-August 2024 once I get my stamping done? Is there any unknowing violation of I-94 here? Is there any reason for visa stamping being denied or denied entry due to online I-94 expiry?

Are you sure that they issued a new i94 with 8th Feb as the validity date when you returned from Mexico?

If they updated the i94, then, I am afraid that your stay was expired on 8th Feb.
I suggest to consult an attorney and show them your case papers.

Hi Anil,
My company attorney told me as my new i797 was valid starting feb 9th 2024 CBP cannot take action for a future date hence it was updated using old visa date. They said I am good to travel. Do you agree?