I94 dates not reflecting correctly in USCIS

Employer A- I am currently working with Employer A and have H1 status and I94 until Feb 2023, which got approved in Feb 2020.

Employer B - Around same time, I had a job offer with Employer B, with H1 transfer approved until May 2021 for which I declined the offer in Mar 2020. Unfortunately the I94 issued during H1B transfer is same as my original H1B which got approved before transfer.

I continued to work for Employer A which has validity until Feb 2023. Last week I tried to renew my driving license in SOS where I was told that they can renew it until May 31, 2021. I showed them copy of my approved I-797 document from Employee A, which is expiring in Feb 2023 and raised a SAVE case for the same. But still USCIS responded back with May 31, 2021 as expiry date. I doubt USCIS system reflects I94 dates from Employer B, May 31, 2021 and not Employer A, Feb 2023.

What options do I have to correct the I94 date while being in USA? Right now USCIS system is showing I94 date valid till May 31, 2021. I want this to be corrected to Feb 2023.

Any help would be appreciated.