I94 date updated while H4 is pending


My spouse H4 / H4 EAD is under processing and we recently had a cruise trip and at port of entry, my I94 got updated to the date of passport expiry date instead of my I797 validity, bt while I am applying for H4/EAD extension my I94 had different date.

will it impact H4 approval? please advise.

Hi @sidh

Normally, when you travel while H4 is pending, USCIS either denies or sends an RFE to submit proof of H4 status.

You may receive an RFE to submit new i94 and then you can send it.

H4 I 94 has the same date , H4 did not go for stamping nor I94 Changed, still H4 gets RFE ? and what will happen to H4 EAD ?

H4 stamping is still same, do you know if we can send the updated I94 copy to H4 pending renewal application ?

Hi @sidh

I don’t know of a way of sending the new i94 to attach to a pending application unless USCIS has requested it with RFE.

Hi Anil,

In the above video , @20:00 they mentioned when I travel application is pending and has a valid visa stamp, I should be fine, right ? am I missing anything ?
please suggest.

I have valid H4 stamp till sep 2019, and h4 extension is pending but I travelled out of the country and re entered US.


Hi @sidh

If you travel, chances are high that your pending H4 extention will not be approved as you left US.

H4 extention application means that you do not want to travel.

will my H4 EAD application will be abandoned as well ? or will i get RFE ?

Hey, the reason for my question is Denial and RFE are two separate things , if my EAD will get denied then I will re apply now and withdraw pending EAD with new H4 extension.
So I just need what will happen to my existing H4 EAD ?

Hi @sidh

I have explained multiple scenarios here. Please read: