I94 admit date post Travel - Urgent!

Hi Team,

I had to travel on a personal emergency to India during the month of May.

I have my H1B visa approved from Sep 06,2019 to Sep 06,2022 and also have my new I797A which is valid from Sep 07, 2022 to Sep 06, 2025.

Upon my re-entry to US via Houston, the Immigration officer didn’t update my I94 as per my latest I797A but instead gave it only till Sep 06,2022 as per my current visa.

So the question here is whether I will fall out of status post sept 06, 2022 and should I travel outside US again and re-enter to update my I94 with my latest I797 before Sep 06, 2022?

Thanks for your help.

No. You new I-94 attached to the I-797 will start on 7th September after your current I-94 expires on 6th Sep so you are all set.

It should have been up to 2025. You may reach out to i94 corrections in your Houston location and get it corrected.

I was in a similar scenario and got it corrected.

Please check with your attorney as well.

– Sri

Hi Sri,

Was your i797 already active when you got it updated? Mine starts only from sept 7th and cbp in Houston/laredo told me that the i797 is not active yet and they can’t update my i94.