I140 RFE to get TCS Skill Letter for India, US with supervisor details

I worked as full time employee for very large US based company. Before joining current employer I have worked for TCS both in India and USA. While leaving TCS I got skill letter issued by HR which has detailed job duties and my overall service duration.
My current employer filed I140 application this year. They asked me to specify TCS US and TCS India duration as two separate job.

We submitted this skill letter to USCIS and I got RFE regarding that. USCIS has mentioned below reason :
“Letter is issued by person who is based on India. It is unclear that xyzzy is fully aware about beneficiary’s job duties. Also it is unclear that beneficiary has same supervisors at both India and US location. The person issuing this document should have personal knowledge about beneficiary’s job duties”

For preparing response my attorney has asked me to collect one of the following document -

  1. Updated skill letter from tcs which specify my india and us job duration with supervisor details
  2. Separate skill letter for India and us duration
  3. Notarized document from supervisor at each location

I am not sure if I can get document 1 & 2 as TCS has fixed format for skill letter and they can only provide in that format. Do you think option 3 will work. Also if supervisor not able to give skill letter can I ask my team member at that time to provide it ?

@Anil_Gupta - Can you please look into this.

Hi @KB_Patel

This response from USCIS shows that they are using extremely strict criteria for job skill letters.

I know that TCS is pretty strict with letter format but you do not have any other option.

You should ask TCS HR and send them the USCIS query to make a good case for yourself.

The TCS HR will issue any letter if it has been approved by your manager. So, i suggest to contact your TCS manager and explain your situation.

Once the manager approves , they will issue the letter in the format that you require.

Thanks Anil. I spoke to my previous supervisor. He gave me required letter.
I will check with TCS HR if they can issue same on TCS letter head.

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@Anil_Gupta - As requested by my attorney I got notarized document from both India and USA last supervisor. We are going to submit that to USCIS. Do you see any challange or difficultly in approving I140 ?

Hi @KB_Patel

There should not be any issue if all your paperwork is good.

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