I140 FOIA request denied twice for Identity Proof

Hi Anil,
I have submitted 2 times FOIA request to provide my I-140 receipt number, but 2 times i have got rejection saying that to prove my identity by getting my details notarized.
I have attached F-639 form and DL, passport copy along with FOIA request with notarized, Still i got rejection.
Can you please help me out.

You must have missed something in your request.
If the reason is solely the identity verification, then you must provide the documents that they ask.

Are you sure your Employer has given your correct details on i140 application?
I suspect that if USCIS is not able to match your identity with i140, the reason could be that your employer has made some mistake.

Hi Anil,

Thanks for your quick response.
Last month i got my H1B extension based on I-140,(Completed my first 6 yr quota).
If the employer not provided proper information during I-140 process, Did USCIS will not verify those details while H1B extension/renewal?

In that case, I have no no idea why your identity documents are being rejected by USCIS.
You have to call and ask them as to what is wrong.

Make sure you are using G639, not F639 as you meantioned in your 1st post.

Second, ensure that notary has included notary# and expiry date. Uscis might be rej3cting your request if notary has not provided all info.

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