I140 document from FOIA

Hello I have sent request to the USCIS for I140 document on feb 28th this year but haven’t heard not even any acknowledgement mail for me to track it back.Its almost 2.5 months any idea if they will respond and provide the requested document.

Did you receive any paper mail or email from USCIS to give your request tracking number called NRC?

NRC is FOIA request control number.

Nope Anil and I am surprised to see that I didn’t get anything for me to track.Now for H1 transfer they need the document and reason is there “no re-capture days left for candidate” not sure what can be done at this point in time.

Did you send your FOIA request by tacked mail?

How do you know that your application was received by USCIS?

Hi Anil I sent through regular mail no tracking and i don’t know that it was received by them.

Well, then, you have probably lost it. You should have used the trackable mail.

I am afraid you have to send your application again now.

You can use email and online application too for FOIA request:

Okey btw can I go ahead and file for transfer without the I140 copy based on the Receipt number that i have.

You can try. Its your choice.

Hi, Anil I received this mail from USCIS about my case request and they mentioned it is closed for now.They need more information about my identity do you have any clue?

Did you send the notarized copy of form G-639 while requesting i140 information?

Yes Anil notarized my signature with Notary officer but one thing I remember I didn’t put the Alien Number will that be an issue…

It is recommended to put Alien number if you know it.
If you don’t know, then it is okay to skip.

Did you send any identity document like your passport copy or driving license copy with your request?

No Anil was it required to send it I didn’t see that it was required,i think need to start this again and do you think sending through email this time is fast?

Well, you are right that it is not required as USCIS does not ask for it.

But, i recommend to send some kind of reliable identity document to help expedite your case.

I think it is best to apply online now on USCIS FAST website instead of paper mail.

Thanks Anil btw what does USCIS FAST is it same send the scan copy to the email of FOIA with attaching my identity document.

Hi Anil I re-read your article and it says the following and in my case I have a NRC number without PIN but when I track the status it gives me this message "You either entered an invalid Control Number or your case was processed more than six months ago."Any thoughts??

USCIS FOIA Request Control Number Status

USCIS might first send a mail letter with UNC number in case they need more info about your identity. The UNC number is converted to NRC number after they have verified your identity. You will receive another mail letter with NRC number and PIN.

The USCIS FIRST (online account) is useful only after you get NRC number and PIN so as to register and receive the document online.

It can take up to 3 weeks for the mail to arrive. Use FOIA request control number (NRC) to check the status here on USCIS FOIA website.

You should call USCIS and ask for what is happening with your request.

Do you have direct number for foia coz i spoke to uscis number they didn’t had any info.

You can check contact options on USCIS FIRST website.