I140 approval notice received but USCIS case status website shows "Case was received"

My I140 was approved an year and a half before and I hv the copy of the approval notice as well.

But just checked USCIS website for that receipt number and noticed it still shows as received status. Is there an issue or just the site was not updated ?

USCIS site is not updated. Do not worry if you have the original i797A notice of approval.

Thanks Anil!!
Another question on I140… I moved to another employer few months back and I am still waiting for my h1 transfer approval. my previous employer stated that they will cancel the I140 sponsor (request to cancel I140 by the sponsoring employer). Will this affect my transfer?

Am I still valid to apply for extension beyond my max out with the I140 approval from my previous employer? Any inputs ?
My max out will be by this march 2019

Since you have left the previous employer after 180 days of i140 approval, your i140 cannot be cancelled by previous employer now.
You are safe and can do H1B Transfer or extension after H1B 6 year max out period.