I130 processing time for parents at Nebraksa

I wanted to ask that my parents I 130 petition for alien relative file was petitioned on July 27 2018 at Nebraska centre so I wanted to ask how much would it take for the file approval and visa call?

Can you share more information?

  1. Petition is US citizen or green card holder?

  2. What is the relation between the petitioner and your parents?

  3. Have you sponsored your parents yourself? If yes, then, what is your age?

These answers are needed to find the category of application.

We track I130 processing time here:

Petition is an US citizen.
My sister and my parents daughter.
No I haven’t sponsored them

You can check on the I-130 processing time link that I shared earlier. It is updated daily.

I’m not able to understand how the process work how to see which month file process is going at upto which receipt date file is approved at Nebraska centre

Not sure how to help you in that case. The page i shared shows all the details.