I129 case was transferred and a new office has jurisdiction

Below is summery of my situation:

  1. I94 expired on 31st Oct 18.
  2. Extension filed on 9th Aug 18 to California uscis
  3. Denial on prior role change amendment (filed in Nov 2017 at Vermont uscis) received on Nov 2018
  4. Can stay in US based on h1b extension decision wait time which is 240 days
  5. Today received couple of updates that … "“case received at local office” and then “case was transferred and new office has jurisdiction”.

I am not sure what does mean by local office?
Or it simply transfer of workload to Vermont or Nebraska service center?
If it’s local office , will i be getting interview etc due to prior amendment denial?


Assuming you are talking about H1B visa, there is no interview call that i have heard of for denials.

The local office update is just an internal USCIS matter and nothing to worry about.

It seems to be a case of workload transfer for you. Your attorney will receive a paper letter for this transfer by USPS mail.

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Yes it’s h1b.
At the same time there is new petition to change of employer filed by new company which is in premium.(filed before 9/11 and recently sent rfe response)
Are they trying to club these 2 applications(extension of old company and new companys h1b transfer) and send decisions for both petitions?

I have not heard of any clubbing of H1B applications even if it exists.

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