I overstayed I94 4 months and 17 days on H1B visa

Answer for the questions they ask , the asked me my company name and gave me stamping. Mostly shouldn’t be a issue if it was an accident overstay. Always say the truth.

Thank you so much have you prepared any extra paperwork or consulted any attorney??

And we’re you asked other questions at POE and what was the timeline of your stamping process?

Really appreciate your reply as you are first person whose case was less than 6 months.

Thank you!!

In my case my employer screwed up. They said if I94 in I797 is valid then all is good. but the truth is which I94 is the latest that is what you need to consider.
I just took those emails printed where my employees messed up, but they didn’t even ask any question, just asked my company name and stamped.
so answer for what they ask.

Hi Anil,

I am on H4 and have overstayed for 5 months and 7 days. My overstaying was caused by my husband’s previous employer not filing my extension as well and we were not aware of the H4 extension. However, we got to know recently when my husband changed his job, and his new employer told us about the overstay. So I immediately left and came to India for stamping. Additionally, I was also eligible for Dropbox as I have a previous B1/B2 visa which is valid by 2028. After submitting the documents as Dropbox my status is showing as refused and it’s been 8 working days and no email or message from USCIS. could you please suggest what should I do if I am called for the interview what documents I should carry and what questions I should prepare?