I-94 when crossing the US border by road

Hello Anil,

We went for a short vacation to Canada by Road recently.
Will there be any change to my existing I-94?
The online site doesn’t show up any chance though it reflects on my Travel History page. Can you advise me on this?

Did you not stop at US border port of entry?

Did they issue you a new i94 there?

Normally, they don’t issue a new i94 if the stay was less than 30 days.

We just crossed the port by showing our Passports.
They did not give us any i94 there.
We stayed in Canada for 3 days and we returned back crossing the same port of entry the same way.

Ok… did they stamp new date?
If they had given you new i94, it would show up online.

They didn’t stamp any new date.
My question is - Do we need to apply for new I 94 and get that.
I am asking you this as the dates of my crossing the border shows up on my Travel History.

No, you do not need to do anything.

As I said, they don’t issue new i94 if you came back to USA from Canada within 30 days.