I-94 renewal at US-Mexico border with approved I-797B (having valid existing H-1B visa stamp and I-94)


I have some questions regarding I-94 renewal at US-Mexico border.

My current H-1b visa stamp is valid till sept 20, 2021 and my I-94 expires on sept 30, 2021.

I have an approved I-797B for the same employer (consular processing) till 2024.

I read across various sources and got to know that I can travel to Mexico and use my existing valid h1b visa stamp to re-enter US from Mexico, and I can get my I-94 renewed as per the end date on my approved I-797B.

I have the following questions:

  1. Would it be legal to work in the US with updated I-94 (received based on my approved I797B) ?

  2. Has anyone recently gone through a similar process and got their I-94 renewed at US- Mexico border based on I-797B approval notice?

If yes, please share your experience.

  1. If traveling to Mexico for getting I-94 updated, what is the most recommended travel - air travel or travel via land border?

  2. What are the recommended US-Mexico borders for the purpose of I-94 renewal?

  3. Has anyone traveled to any Caribbean country for I-94 renewal?

I would appreciate any advice. Thanks.

Curious to know if this was an extension of status application, if yes why was it approved with consular processing?

I’m not sure why it was filed for consular processing.

Did you talk to your immigration lawyer? What are they advising?