I-94 extension on a valid h4 visa

My daughter is on h4 visa. Her Passport expired in October and I did not notice that the I-94 also expired with that…
Our visa is valid till April 2019.
Now I have already applied for new passport which I will get in few days.
Can I get the I-94 extension done while I stay in US or so I need to cross the border and come back with new visa stamping

Hi @Rajatkumarjain

There are only three options to get new i94 after passport renewal. You can choose any one based on your comfort level:

Most people choose to either visit Laredo, TX or San Diego, US border to get i94 renewed.

You may or may not be asked to cross border there. It depends on your luck.

Thanks Anil,
In my case the I-94 is already expired.
Am I still eligible to choose these options.
I have a CBP office in Missouri state.
Can I go this office ?

Local CBP office do not renew i94

No, local CBP office at international airport or around do not renew i94.
They will simply refuse. You can call and check.
They only fix i94 mistakes that they made, if any.

Expired i94 can be fixed at US border CBP office

Yes, an expired i94 can also be renewed at US border CBP office.
@soniya_jain renewed her expired i94 with H4 Visa at San Diego border:

Does she needs to cross border?

As I said, it depends on your luck and the decision is entirely on the CBP officer that you meet.

Some people have NOT been asked to cross border while other have.
So, it’s a 50-50 chance that she might be asked to cross border and re-enter US.

The problem is that you cannot use any other method of renewing i94 as her i94 has already expired.
So, you have to cross border and re-enter if they ask you to do so.

Now, you can either come back and later travel outside US and re-enter or do this process at border itself.
Your choice.

Thanks Anil,
In case we have to cross the border,
Is their a possibility that CBP officer will decline her entry in US ?

Yes, they can refuse entry but chances are low.
It’s the same process as you face at airport port of entry.

The only difference is that you walk through border here.

You will face the same immigration officer interview.
So, be prepared.

Thanks For your response Anil

Also, get new i94 as early as possible.
The current status is ‘out of status’ for your H4 dependent and each day is getting added.

You will have to explain this overstay (after i94 expiry) in all future visa applications!

I am working on it.
I should get the passport by next week and will make a decision to either go to India and come back with new stamping.
Or choose the option that u suggested

Hi Anil,
My daughter I-94 is expiring on Dec 11th 2019. She got her new passport. We are in Jackson, Michingan. So we have a close Canada border at Winser. But we don’t have Canada Visa. Can we still go to CBP office or any CBP office near the border to get the I-94 extended?


Hi @valuru

You will need Canadian visa to cross border and come back.

Hi Anil,

Do we need Mexico Visa at this place?
i94 Extension Laredo TX US Mexico Border , as I see lot of folks have got their I-94 extended. Also i see 50:50 chances, what would happen if CBP officer doesn’t allow it. Will we be allowed to enter to USA or not?

If you read the article, you won’t be allowed to enter US if CBP officer denies it at Laredo border. This is same as coming to US at any airport and CBP officer denies entry.

That’s a risk that you need to take.

You can enter Mexico with valid US visa. Its allowed.