I-94 extension for applying H4 EAD auto extension

Hi! I want to get my i-94 extended so I can apply for EAD auto-extension based on my husband’s approved I-797 for H1-b visa. Can I go to San Diego Mexico Border and walk and come back? What would I have to show to CBP officers? Can you pls help? Thank you!

Carry below docs. You can go to any CBP road borders at Mexico or Canada.

Copy of H1B I-797
Primary H1B most recent 3 pay stubs
Employment verification letter
H4 current and old passports with visa stamp
H4 current I-94/I-797 and all past I-797
Marriage registration/certificate
US address proof such as utility bill, your driving license, state ID, EAD card, or Lease agreement.

Hi Kalpesh,

Thank you so much for the response.

I also need to understand if I should apply h4 and h4 EAD renewal applications along with H1b or after the INTL trip? Can changed i-94 number impact the existing h4 and ead applications if filed with h1b?


No need to file H4 with H1B if you plan to extend I-94 at CBP. You can file EAD using the extended I-94 and get 540 days automatic extension for EAD.
If you file H4 & EAD with H1B and end up extending I-94 at CBP, you can send the copy of I-94 to USCIS and they should deny the H4 extension. That way you won’t end up with two different I-94. Even if you end up with two different I-94, it wont create any issues with your status. You can use the I-797 from H4 extension of status, cross mexico bordergo to CBP, and enter back to fix the I-94 number issue.