I-94 expired with valid H4 Visa and i-797

My son i-94 expired as its was updated as his passport expiry date as 05/01/2019.
His visa is stamped and approved till 02/23/2020 on expired passport . He has renewed passport also now.

Can he go to San Deigo Ysidro border to update i-94 and will he be asked to cross border and come ?
If he crosses border and come back will his i-94 updated on online and on passport?

Hi @nisithna

Why did you wait for i94 expiry?

You should immediately visit the border and try to get new i94.

Hi Anil ,

Thanks for your advice . I did not notice and immediately went to San Ysidro Mexico CBP . They asked us to cross border and come back . I did the same there and on re-entry they gave new I-94 for my son based on visa end date as 02/23/2020.They put a new stamp of I-94 with admitted till date 02/23/2020 and date of entry as 09/27/2019 . They also took photo and bio metrics. I checked online even there details are updated as per new stamp.

Are we good now ? Also I will apply for extension for all in next 2 weeks , will this cause any issue for my son extension any further ? Also will this issue impact his GC processing.


Hi @nisithna

You are good. I do not think it should affect your future.

But, keep in mind that do not let the i94 expire. You should always apply for extension before i94 expiry.

Hi Anil,

My Son I 94 is valid till passport expiry 02/21 . But we have a valid visa until Aug 22 ( L1A) Also we have filed the I 485 in Oct 20. Does it have any impact on GC processing if we cross the Mexico border & they will stamp the Arrival & departure in Mexico immigration ?

Hi @caguptaritesh

The better option would be to file an L2 extension while staying in the US.

Travel is allowed if your son has an approved AP (advance parole).

Hi Nisith,

I am in a similar situation now and wanted to get some tips. My daughter i94 is expiring in two days due to passport expiry (FYI, the h4 visa is valid till yr 2022 ) . We realized just today about this mistake and I am applying for a tatkal passport . While it might take a week or more to get it … what are my options? could I go to Mexico ? Will they ask why there is a gap between by old passport expiry and new passport issue date ?