I-94 expired 11 months - can i go and try renewing at San diego Tijuana border

Also , what happens if they decide to not renew my i-94 ?

i have valid visa till 2020 with new passport


Hi @siddharths

Which visa are you on currently?

I am h1B visa was filing for my extension and lawyer saw that my i-94 is expried. i am thinking going to mexico and coming back again

Hi @siddharths

Are you serious that you have stayed in US on H1B visa for 11 months after i94 expiry?

This is a serious problem and very risky to visit border. You should talk to your attorney for options.

You may be denied entry as your have overstayed more than 180 days. Valid visa stamp does not allow you to stay in US. i94 is what governs your stay time.