I-485 in 2020, L1A EB1 with approved I140

Hello @Anil_Gupta
Hope you’re doing well and thanks a lot for your timely advice in January when I was trying to extend my L visa at Mexico.

I’m glad to share that things were smooth and we managed to return before the pandemic started and travel bans were in effect.

I received my I140 approval in July this year (category EB1)
I’m sure that most questions these days must have to do with the October Visa Bulletin.

Like most others, I’m in the process of filing the 485 and have a few questions regarding the process (being stuck with firm lawyers who hardly ever respond)

To provide some background:
I’m an Indian currently on an L visa
L-visa initially stamped for 3yrs, on 20th April 2017
Traveled to US in July 2017.
And extended my L-visa in Jan-2020
Was provided another 3yrs until Jan 2023.
I have a PD of 28th May 2019
category EB1
I140 approved in July-2020
485, 131, 765 currently being filed.

Here are my Questions:

  • Would I receive the letter for biometric appt. even before the PD becomes current on the filing chart?

  • Will the AP and EAD be sent out only after PD becomes current on the filing chart?

  • My L visa expires in Jan 2023, do you think that time is sufficient to wrap up the GC process?
    Or would you recommend filing an H1B in parallel (so I can switch over to H1 when the L visa expires and my approved I140 should work)
    (Firm applied for the H1 earlier this year, one attempt down, did not get selected few more attempts to go)

  • Lastly, Is the EAD a substitute for the visa and does getting the ead mean that I wouldn’t have to worry about the visa maxing out in 7-years (i.e. by 2024)?

Thanks for all your support, I hardly ever see a forum where I can ask Q’s related to L1A / EB1.
Your inputs are always appreciated!

I don’t understand your question.

Your date is current in ‘date of filing’ chart. Then, why are asking about it?

Do you mean ‘final action’ chart?

You can get EAD and AP even if you file 485 using ‘date of filing’ chart.