I-140 return for lack of signature from agent/attorney in Perm

Hi Anil

I have a question

My I-140 was returned 2 times because the approved Perm does not have signature of agent/attorney.
The perm was prepared by employer, and hardcopy does have my signature and the employer’s.
Is an agent/attorney signature on perm required to file I-140?

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Hi @Celeste

PERM is approved by DOL and there are no signatures required as per my information.

I don’t understand what is the issue here. Are you sure your i140 was rejected due to sign? I have never heard of this scenario before.

Hi Anil,

As always, thanks for taking the time to respond.

As per lawyer, they returned the I-140 because it was signed by me and employer, but not by agent/attorney, and they have requested that a supervisor with USCIS reviews the application as my application does not differ from the others they have previously sent.

Also, if they accept the application this time, when should I expect a Receipt Notice if file delivered today? It was filed in PP


Hi @Celeste

Premium receipt is generated within 1-2 days and sent by the mail to attorney.

Hi Anil, here is a quick update.
The attorneys sent my case to the attention of a supervisor. Case was accepted for processing on Sept 04, and I-140 was approved yesterday

Now my concern is the visa bulletin. Eb3 is not current (we are not from India, Phillipines, etc but rest of the world) my daugther turns 21 on sept 24 (in 2 weeks) so I’m hoping that it will be current again for my region by Oct 01 for her not to be left out of this process. However, I understand that every Oct 01 the categories normally become current again, is that correct?

Thank you