I-140 Approved with E32 Classification


I came to India in August 2018 and I-140 is approved with E32 classification on 7-Oct-2018, Please let me know the next steps.

In the approval email, its mentioned as approved and all the details with I-797 will be sent in Mail and waiting for response from Attorney.

Please let me know the next steps. Do i need to apply for H1B extension along with Visa stamping?


Hi @spapade

Have you completed your H1B 6 year quota before returning to India?

If yes, then you need to apply for fresh H1B extension using approved i140.

Once the extension is approved, you will have to apply for Visa stamping with US embassy and then you can return to USA.

Hi Anil,
Thanks for quick response.

No, I didn’t complete my 6 year quota still 45 days were unused.


ok…in your case, you would still need to use your i140 to request for further H1b extension.