I-140 Approval received, but status not updated

hi Anil,

My employer informed me last week that my I-140 is approved (and that they have received my approval notice). However, when I check my status online at two sites below it shows below -

Case Status Online --> "Name was updated"
https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/ --> "Case was recieved"

do you have insights on different status even though case is approved?

We are seeing lot of cases where USCIS website is not updated even though the case is approved and a decision notice has been received.

Don’t worry if your employer has confirmed that they have received the approval.

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I received I140 approval notice from my employer. Though they shared just one page of I797, the front page only. This page contains my name, Alien#, EB class and PERM#.

If I were to change employer in future , is this one page sufficient to prove that my 140 is approved so that new employer could file h1b extensions in future?

Yes, that’s sufficient.

Hi Man,

Has your case status been updated? did you get the interview and GC yet?

Hi Anil Gupta,

Do this USCIS website update delay the interview and GC of I-485? thanks

There can be delay in anything. I can’t pin point any specific thing.

I’m from India. I can file I485 after 150 years only (sic). My i140 case status still shows as Name Was Updated but I received the hard copy of approval