Hyd embassy on Aug 16 H1B stamping, VO said approved - status Admin processing

I attended Hyd Embassy for H1 renewal on Aug 16 and the VO after asking some general questions mentioned your Visa is issued.

Its been almost three weeks and the status on CEAC continues to be Admin processing.

Any one in the same situation?

I have heard the same from many people recently. But, sooner or later they are getting their passport with H1B stamp. No need to worry.

7-10 working days to receive visa and passport

Normally, the visa and passport are issued in 7-10 working days.

See this case from Hyderabad Embassy same as your case. The visa was issue don 10th working day.

US embassy doing extra checks - Admin processing

Not sure why they are delaying so much but looks like they are just trying to do extra vetting behind the scenes as per Trump’s order.

Extra vetting means that they are trying to see if the employer has committed any fraud or not and the job offer is genuine or not.

Thank for the response Anil.

Its strange because I have been with the same employer non-consulting for over 8 years and the last extensions went just fine … its frustrating after being told the visa is issued

Yes, I can understand. But, that’s how things are with current political scenario.
In-fact, as per recent USCIS order, each H1B extension is treated and evaluated as a new H1B application.

There are people who’s same H1B that was approved 3 years ago has been denied now, with no change in job details. That’s a different matter though.

You are way past that step anyway.

You will get the stamped passport soon.