How to track 189 visa processing after lodging or submission of application?

Once all documents are submitted where to track the progress of visa process ? I’m home many days approx the visa process starts ? Health report updation takes a week or 2 .

Australia PR 189 / 190 visa tracking

There is no tracking feature as such expect that you can log in to your immiacount and check the status.

Email is received if Case Officer needs documents

You will get an email once case officer checks your documents and need more clarification or more documents.

Email on Visa grant

You will get an email once your visa (PR) is granted. This is same as you would have got an email when you received an invitation.

Is there any way to know the tracking of 189 visa processing ? Like calling the Australian counselor office etc ? As not able to know about anything. Is there any chance…the profile won’t be processed at all.

There is no way to contact Australia immigration and ask for your case status.

You can only wait and watch at this time :slight_smile: