How to skip Dropbox and Give interview with my wife

Hi all,

So I am planning to appear for visa interview with my to be wife. Mine will be for H1-B extension and her’s will be H4 (first time).
I am eligible for dropbox and she isn’t as applying for the first time.

I filled separate DS-160 and tried two methods. Need help on which is correct

1: After submitting individual DS-160 forms I created a profile for her and added myself under the 'Add family members section image
After that when i clicked continue it asked 2 questions (14 years or younger and do you have a previous h4). After that it went on to Fee payment options. It didn’t give any warning that I am eligible for dropbox and neither asked me any questions to determine.

Is it correct method? Should I go ahead with payment?

2: This time I created my profile and then added her as a family member. This time it asked me all questions and said i am eligible to dropbox and went on to fee payment option.

This doesn’t look right as my wife isn’t eligible and it’s not saying that.

Kindly suggest

The correct way is to first create a profile using your wife’s (H4) data as she is not eligible for Dropbox.

Then, if you add yourself, the system will ask to schedule the appointment for interview even though you are eligible for Dropbox.


  1. Add dropbox in-eligible person first.
  2. Add dropbox eligible person second.

This way, all the members in the group will be required to appear for visa interview.

Thanks. I have created profile for my wife and then added myself.

Then, you are good to book appointment for interview.

What is issue and what is your concern?

My confusion was to confirm that this way the system/application isn’t considering me as dependent because her application became the principle application and I am being added. Wanted to confirm if process was correct

Process is correct. You are not counted as dependent if you add yourself after your wife.

The dependent and primary is considered by your application type and not the order of adding it to appointment system.

thank you so much for your advise and feedback

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