How to read USCIS processing time website data for H4 EAD applications

Can you clarify how you got the processing time?
For.example, when I check USCIS website for say Vermont it says :
All other applications for employment authorization November 8, 2017

They don’t specifically state processing time for c(26)

USCIS updates the ‘page’ frequently but the dates move every 3-4 weeks.
So, unless the dates move, you won’t feel that it has been updated.

If they have not specifically mentioned any specific EAD category like C(26) for a time, it will automatically be considered part of ‘other’.

Anytime. And thank you for maintaining the website. That must be a challenge by itself :slight_smile:

Btw, do you know how often the USCIS updates the processing time?
Also, the last updated day is confusing .

For example, for Vermont (again)

The top of the page says right above the table :
Field Office Processing Dates for Vermont Service Center as of: November 30, 2017

But the bottom right of the page says

Last Updated: February 1, 2018