How to pay DU fees in USD for sending transcripts directly to WES?

(Anonymous) #1

With WES process change , how to get DU send the documents directly to WES. Shall i pay Rs. 1500 or $150 for the transcript fees to DU.

Do I need to send a return envelope to DU with the WES,CANADA address and reference number.

In online payment it doesn’t give any option to select outside india for transcripts .

If you check India it by default for payment of RS1500 . I couldn’t find the option on how to pay fees in USD online as there is no option to select other than India.

(Anil Gupta) #2

You have to pay in USD and give WES address directly.
Yes, please include a WES addressed return envelope too as there is no clear guidance from DU if they will use their return envelope or not in case of outside India delivery.

after talking to many people, the only option to pay in USD is to get a DD made by the bank (SBI or ICICI) inside the DU campus using that day’s exchange rate.

Then, this DD and application form can be submitted.

There is no other option that is available at this time that I could find.