How to log back into CKGS website with Web reference number?

How can we log back into CKGS website with web reference number.

It always complains that your details does not match.
What’s wrong?

How to Login back into CKGS account with web reference number

CKGS website might confuse you on this point, if you have already started the passport application and saved it.

The only way to go back and see your saved documents is to use their web reference number on the box provided at the BOTTOM of the their website.

Here is the sample screen shot:


The website keeps giving me the same error message, I know the information is correct. The web reference number is in the automated email they sent.

I keep getting the following message

" Please enter valid Tracking Id and Passport No. to continue"

Their call centers are closed. Anybody have suggestions for this?

I tried loging using the option at the bottom of the page that did not work either

Hi @bodhi

Read the solution above.

Tried that many times, not working. There call centers are shutdown too. Who can help me??

Don’t use firefox. Try Chrome and turn off any ad blockers. I believe their captcha is being blocked by the ad blocker.


Hope all is well!

I filled the online application and all other forms on CKGS website as well and government NRI portal. I used to web reference number to login to thr ckgs account, this was successful. However, when I try to retrieve the older steps / saved documents it is not working and giving me and error( email mismatch) which I think is not true unless I made a mistake. Please help me I have been trying to reach out for over a week now.

I can provide an attachement for reference. I want to retrieve my filled documents and forms and print them.

Application details
Forms - change of appearance, signature. Annexure E, motorized deedpoll sworn and affidavit

Thank you for your time and assistance in advance.


I followed the instructions CKGS USA - Passport | Passport Application Guide to renew my passport

After completing the Government Online NRI passport application form, I got an ID that is along the lines of 12-3456789012(12 digits + hyphen after 2 digits = 13 characters).

When I go back to the CKGS Already filled in Government Online NRI form - It won’t accept the New Application Reference Number. It only allows 12 characters and I tried various combinations of removing the hyphen, removing first number, last number etc.

It keeps throwing an error saying “Please provide a valid Government Web Reference Number”.

Any ideas on how to get back into my application on CKGS?