How to keep working in Govt company if H4 EAD is revoked?

Hi Anil,
I am on H4 EAD, & currently working with Gov. organization as a full-time permanent employee.

They hired me because my Skillset is rare to find in the west zone.

I am sure that Gov. companies don’t do Visa filing( h1), I don’t wanna panic them as of now until I am sure of something.

What all options do you see I could have if H4 EAD is withdrawn by DHS?

File H1B in April 2019 cap subject season

Well, if you want the work authorization, then I am afraid that the only option is to convert to H1B if H4 EAD is taken away by DHS.

You can file for #H1B in next season i.e. April 2019 and if selected, you might get the work permit by Oct 2019.

Change status to H1B if you had approved H1B earlier

If you had any H1B earlier, you can now file change of status application to convert from H4 to H1B.