How to get Australian VOIP Phone no

How to get Australian Phone no, while searching for jobs outside from Australia.
As part of move to Australia, its good idea to try if we can secure job there before finally moving there.
For this having a local contact is kindda important item to check of the list.
Any suggestions how to get these phone no, which is the cheapest and reliable service.
How this works ?

Hi Anil,
Posting for others, who will visit this post for same reason.
I have taken service from Zadama. its really very cheap like $1.5 per month. they have an app and if you are getting call on this app that will be free and if you forwarding to your local (US) phone no then 1 cent per min.


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Did you check if Google Voice works in Australia?

I guess they just give out US number but it should ring in Australia too.

yeah Google voice is free in US and Canada.
Also I was looking for Australian phone number which I can use here in US, not the other way

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