How to fix Approved I797 spelling mistake in name

The approved petition has spelling mistake in name. What is the process of correcting it?


First, check your application to see if it had the spelling mistake too. Then, take the following action:

i797 Name Spelling mistake by USCIS

If the mistake has been committed by USCIS, you can fill this online form to get it corrected:

i797 Name Spelling typographic error by Attorney / Application

You should ask your attorney or employer to contact USCIS and get the error corrected. They may need to re-file the application if the application itself had the spelling mistake.

how to check application itself is having mistake? When I asked attorney they told they have to open service request with USCIS and once they receive new approved petition then they will share with me.

I don’t know what does it mean? it is refile or something else? Is it anything risky or it is normal process and should not think about it !

Application was filed by Attorney and they should have a copy of what they filled in it. How can they behave like an innocent novice who do not what has happened?

If you have sighted the mistake, it is your responsibility to get it fixed as early as possible.
There could be issues later when you file for extensions if you do not get it fixed.

Thanks Anil for your response. I am following up with Employer and attorney on this. Any idea how much time it takes to get name corrected !

Not sure about the name change processing time. There is no publicly available data on it.

So I got answer from attorney on this. They said it is mistake done by USCIS and they have submitted case to correct it. The SLA defined for this is 30 days as per attorney.

Good. Do share your experience once USCIS fixes the mistake.

I contacted my Attorney for status of correction. They said that they didn’t hear back from USCIS, so they filed another case.
My question is -
I have to start filing for extension, does it matter that USCIS has not done correction in name in last approved petition? It is one letter extra added in the name.
Do I need to wait for correction to be done or I can start extension filing process?

You can start the extension process (with correct name) and file for correction at the same time.

Thanks Anil! So we don’t know when case result will come back, I will start working on extension process. Thank you!

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Do you have update on your case? How long it took to get your first request corrected?

Thank you.

i got my extension approved but again with incorrect name. But this time since application was in premium process so does not took much time to correct it. I got correction done within a week.


@Anil_Gupta , i have approved I797 with spelling mistake in my last name, is this approval valid for visa stamping interview or should i need to wait for the corrected version ? need your help to understand on this scenario.

I am in a similar situation. My name is misspelt on my approval notice. Can i still start working for the company? Or should I wait for the correction? Thank you

I didn’t stop working during that time and I don’t think it matters. Typo error can happen and one can not wait for its correction and then working. This is not legal advice please consult your Attorney before taking any action. Thanks!