How to fill NRI online application for Indian passport renewal?

I am trying to fill NRI online application form for passport renewal in USA using CKGS.

Is there a sample available?

Go to NRI application form at Step 6 in CKGS application

At step 6 in CKGS application, you need to fill Indian passport renewal USA application form. This is a separate form than what you have already filled up on CKGS website. It belongs to Indian embassy and has to be filled up separately.

CKGS creates a unique ID for this application form and provides you a link on Step 6.
Click the link to go to Indian government’s website.

If you fill the government’s form before CKGS step 6, then CKGS has a separate process and a tough one, for you. You will find it on their home page. We are assuming you started with CKGS.

NRI Application form Digital Picture upload – Optional

You will need a DIGITAL picture to upload on Indian government website. The picture uploading is optional at this time.
It does NOT give you an option to upload it later if you have moved past the upload photo step.

Made a Mistake in NRI Online Passport Application Form?

DO NOT try to fill out another “Online Passport Application Form” if you make a mistake since both CKGS and Online Passport Application Web Reference numbers are linked together.

Instead, start all over again and follow the process (CKGS -> Online Passport Application -> CKGS) if you have not yet paid the fees.

If you have already paid the fees and made a serious mistake while filling out the Online Passport Application (which cannot be edited) then the only option is to cancel your application and ask for a refund and RESTART the entire process.

NRI application form Links

Government form online link – New Form – Direct link for your reference. We recommend you use the one provided in Step 6 of CKGS application.

Government form online link – Edit your form – Use it, if you are re-visiting to complete partially filled form. You need your Temporary Application Id here (This is different than CKGS’s own application web reference ID).

NRI passsport online application has a application ID
NRI passsport online application has a application ID

Print your application form, if you have ‘saved and exit’ the application. – Government site’s Web file number required. This is shown to you on LAST page when you are done filling the form. This is different than ‘Temporary application ID’ and ‘CKGS web application reference’ ID.

Sample NRI online passport form

Use a BLUE or BLACK ink pen ONLY.
Please note that this form contains about 29 fields/points and points 7 to 29 need to be filled manually with hand .

Fill whatever questions/fields are available to fill online on the form and then take a print.

Once you take a print, you will get 3 pages in total. Some of the fields (normally 1-6 on page 1) would be already filled and rest would be blank.