How to expedite L2 EAD renewal processing

I’ve submitted L2 EAD renewal on October 17 th and got receipt on October 23.

It’s been 87days and no response from USCIS.
I called USCIS and they said it will take 6 months to approve EAD.

My employer is waiting for me to get back. I read somewhere we can contact congressional office and they can help.

How can I contact congressional office and is there any appointment need to go there?So please advice me.

I have given the process and chances of EAD expedite request process here:

Please go through it and let me know if you have more questions.

Thanks for the information

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Hi @Anil_Gupta,

To expedite do we need to send an email to USCIS or can we apply online? Please, can you provide the email address or online link where can I send?


Hi @Cindrella39

The process to raise EAD expedite request with sample letter are given here.

Hi @Anil_Gupta and Everyone,
I have expedited my L2 EAD on Jan 23rd 2020 and Submitted documents on jan 27th 2020 under the category of Medical emergency and Financial loss( I have strong medical reason to proof for)
My current EAD expires on Feb 18th 2020 and but I have told my situation,they are ready to wait for 3 weeks ,then i dono what will happen, No one wanted to lose the job so do i? but i cant fly to india as well which is another worry part 2 :slight_smile:
Kind of making me feel stressed
Ok,Getting into real and practical situation, should i approach senator? Is there any timeline for approaching senator ? and how do i follow up USCIS that did they receive my documents on email stating "To the attention of WS-XXXXXX for the submitting documents for expedite? and i feel like USCIS case status check is not working sometimes?

Thanks for listening


Hi @Niranjala

Try to contact your local congressman and ask them to send their recommendation too for your case.

Thank you @Anil_Gupta,I did that…but just an info to others who are like me, Congressman do expedite after 45 days of expedite done from my side…so congress man couldnt do it .

That’s individual congressman decision to wait for 45 days or not. It seems your congressman has this rule for himself.

Other congressman just send their recommendation immediately to USCIS.

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My Bad right? thought of approaching senator,but everyone said “go with congressman”! I have no idea about what next other than waiting ! #myLastDayofJobToday:)

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@Anil_Gupta : Who are eligible to contact NCSC call service? Can i call them and ask for expedite case status ?

What do you mean by NCSC center?