How to do I-94 extension or renewal after new Passport renewal in US?

I thought about it but I think international returns are only allowed in a few airports where they can check for COVID and PHL was not on the list. So took the option of San Diego from where others were able to get this done.

That restriction is only for EU flights as far as I know. I can see flights landing every other day from Mexico at philly. Thanks for your response.

I had the same success when I went to San Ysidro Border (05/12). Officer was very helpful, He took me to yellow building since I was not aware that they are taking payment and Issuing I-94 there.
Recently I checked my I-94 online and noticed that officer made a mistake and he entered my expired passport number in the New I-94 though I gave him my current(new) passport for review and stamp.
I have valid paper I-94 and stamp on my current(new) passport.
Do I need to make that correction for online I-94 since it’s showing my expired passport number?
Any comments folks?

Hi @Hvisa

Its not a mistake. They use the old passport number as it is attached to your visa stamp and i797 approval.

Don’t worry. Its perfectly fine.

Hi @Hvisa

Thank you for sharing your experience. I have been tense for the past few days as I am in the same boat.

  • Original I-94 until Aug 2020
  • on 2nd visit was changed to Feb 2020 as my passport expired then
  • Employer noticed the expired I-94 during H1B extension petition process
  • Contacted Chicago CBP office and they were not willing to help.
  • I have I-797A valid until 09/03/2020

I am planning to visit San Ysidro Border as well like you. Is there something I need to do before? Do I need to talk to an officer at CBP at the San Ysidro Border?

Attorney scared me that they might not let me in once I cross the border. Should I be worried?

Also in the documents required you mentioned “Brochure”? What do you mean that.

Appreciate the help in advance.

Thank you.


This is the step by step guide for San Ysidro if you want to read:

Hi @Anil_Gupta Thanks for sharing this.

I have a question regarding Employment Verification letter.

My employer put me on a leave of absence until they figure this out. They also included that I am on leave of absence on my Employment Verification Letter.

Will that have any adverse effects during the process?

Thank you.

Hi Everyone,

I got my I-94 extended as well even after expiry.

I went to CBP office and the person in the office told me to cross border straight away.

I did cross border. Went into Mexico, went through immigration and came back to USA line.

I inadvertently cut the line in front of some agricultural workers coming from Mexico. One CBP officer told me to sit down in the yellow building and said I can’t jump in front of them. I apologized but it was so confusing as some people were just getting across and some were waiting with no proper formation.

In any case. I had to go into the yellow building, which is the Permit office. Waited for all in that agricultural worker party to get their I-94’s. CBP officer asked me the reason for my visit and noticed that I was out of status for 3 months.

He told me to sit down as he wanted to do some verification. Had a lengthy conversation with his superiors on phone. He then asked where I got new passport? to which I replied Chicago.

He wondered if I was still working as I am out of status? I said… no, My employer put me on leave of absence until I get my I-94 updated. He asked me for a letter stating that exactly. Fortunately I had that given to me by my employer, so I presented it.

He then told me that he is going to give me permit until end of my visa and to get my next extension in India.

I am very relived after 2 weeks of mental stress. Hopefully my experience helps someone.

Thank you

Hi Vijay,
I am on same boat is Canada Vancouver border is 3 hr drive. I wanted to know are you able to get it done on Canada border ? Did they asked you to cross the border ?

I got it done at the San Ysidro Mexico border last week. One of my acquaintances tried the Canadian Vancouver border but was not allowed to cross the border as it was closed. Even if they allow, there is a risk of Canadian authorities asking whoever enters the country to quarantine for 14 days.

Also, I know someone who flew to Toronto from NY and took the next flight back to the US and got their i94 done. They were asked to quarantine but even they said they are flirting back to US, they were allowed to leave. Looks like there is no set pattern here.

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Thanks a lot for the information.
Give me one more info, Is it possible to update i94 on Saturday? or it must be on weekday?


It should be open on Saturday. It’s a border so it should be open .


What Sentri location in Arizona does the I94 update after the passport renewal? I have the visa already with expire of 12/29/2020.
Thanks in Advance.

After reading all the comments I am planning to go San Ysidro. Can anyone share the more detail on itinerary like which is the nearest airport and how to travel from nearest airport to CBP office. Do I need to plan overnight stay ?

San Diego airport is the nearest. About 25 mins drive from the airport. Overnight stay depends on where you are flying from and when you are landing at San Diego. If you are flying from the East you may need an overnight accommodation.

Hi @yshrini

Everything about San Diego border i94 renewal process with experiences is on this page:

My I-94 is expiring in a few months for the same reason. I do have valid I-797 but my visa stamp is already expired.

Can I still go to the Laredo CBP office to extend I-94 in this case?

If they ask me to cross border, would I be able to come back with the auto re-validation policy?

Hi @Vera

Read this page for Laredo TX process for i94 extension and what to expect.

Hi Anil,

Thank you so much for all your help!

Im on H4 visa. I just forgot to renew my I94 after i got my new passport.

It is been 4 months the I94 got expired, but i have all the valid documents required.
My question can i be honest with the officer at San Diego border that i forgot to extend my i94?
Do they ask for any proof or document for my illegal stay fir the past 4 months?
Appreciate your advice!

I was in the same boat. In my case it was 3 months after expiry. I told them exactly what happened. No secrets. Just in case it helps.

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