How to do I-94 extension or renewal after new Passport renewal in US?

Thanks. I am driving down to Niagara this weekend to see if they can do there since the officer on the phone asked me to visit them. I guess it depends on the officer on duty. Else, will try San Diego. Did you call up. the San Diego office before you went ?

I called so many CBP offices, including Canadian and Mexico US border Sentry offices.
You may need Canadian Visa if you planning to enter Canada.
For Mexico, US visa is valid for Mexico entry permit.
But In this Pandemic, it’s better you can drive and try Canadian Border, Just make sure you talk to officer before leaving US Border, they may give you extension without crossing the border.
Good Luck!


Thanks man. I have a valid Canada visa and the border is only 5 hrs drive for me. Am trying this weekend. The thought of flying to San Diego from East Coast and staying in a hotel overnight is alarming !! But that is my plan B. I presume you flew from NJ and stayed overnight at San Diego. Any tips ? Also, should I take prior appointment with the Sentry office in San Diego ?

@Hvisa : Hi , I have also i94 expiring in dec this year and h1b valid till 2022.
I am planning to go to San Diego border next week. I wanted to check couple of things with you before visiting

  1. Did you go to San ysidro pedwest or pedeast ? did u had to cross border ?
  2. Can you send me exact address where you went ?
  3. Did you pay online or in person fee ?
  4. Did you try going to Otay mesa ?
  5. Is the pedeast / pedwest open 24x7 ?
  6. What all documents you had to take ?

Kindly let me know. It will be really helpful as I need to go with wife and small kid.

@Anil_Gupta Thanks for all the guidance on this forum. Need some advice please.

I am on L1A Blanket with my I797-I129S until March 2022. Since my old passport’s expiry date was Jun 16 2020, my i94 expires on Jun16 2020. I have renewed my passport since. As mentioned in one of my posts above, I called up a few CBP offices along the Canada border and the one in Niagara asked me to visit in person to get this updated. But today when I went with my wife and kid (on L2 with same i94 expiry as mine) they said that they cannot do it unless I cross the border which is closed now. Looks like some inexperienced officer gave me bad advice on the phone.

I am planning to go to San Ysrido Sentri office sometime this week. We are thinking of the risk of traveling from the East Coast for my wife who is undergoing treatment for an underlying medical condition. So, is it advisable to get mine done now and for my family later ? What happens if I get mine done this week and not able to get theirs done before their i94 expires? How to get their’s done at a later date preferably when the Canadian borders open ? Also, are L1 and H1 cases treated differently ?

Much appreciated.

I flew from NJ to San Diego via Denver and stayed in Rodeway Inn hotel ( Address: 643 E San Ysidro Blvd, San Ysidro, CA 92173

Phone: (619) 428-2800 (next to border) for a night.
You don’t need any appointment, just walk-in.
Hotel is just two blocks from PedEast CBP office.

Kumar: see my response…

  1. Did you go to San ysidro pedwest or pedeast ? did u had to cross border ? PedEast, and yes crossed the border.
  2. Can you send me exact address where you went ? i have hotel address
    Address: 643 E San Ysidro Blvd, San Ysidro, CA 92173
  3. Did you pay online or in person fee ? paid $6 there. Online won’t allow me as my passport expired and new passport no. wasn’t allow me to enter.
  4. Did you try going to Otay mesa ? you can check other forum for San Ysidro address or google search for PedEast.
  5. Is the pedeast / pedwest open 24x7 ? no there are open 6:00am to 10:00pm,
  6. What all documents you had to take ? Your current I-797, All passport (current and new with valid visa) your current address proof and your work documents (pay slips, company letter, brochure etc.)

Hi @Hvisa, appreciate your response. Was the PedEast open over weekends ? Were you able to travel on flight while shelter-in-place order is there right ? I am in Bay area, california and planning to go next week so want to confirm if there is any issue with respect to travel on planes.

Also, any specific precautions to take regarding covid19 like masks, gloves, etc and other things and is there any checking done with that regards.

Hi Kumar, I believed their office is close during weekends, you may call and check.
you must need mask, and take extra precaution like gloves, wipes, sanitizer etc.

same situation, wondering if anyone had success on the texas CBP office?

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I am too looking for information. I have send my application for passport renewal. Once new passport comes I am planning to got to Laredo tx.

I got i94 updated for me and my family at the San Ysidro border today (05/19). My i94 was valid until 16th June as it was tied to my old passport. My employers suggested filling an extension but I was not keen as it is always risky. After reading through all the posts and picking @Anil_Gupta ‘s brain several times, I decided to try at the San Ysidro border

Reached San Diego at 145 pm from Philadelphia via Dallas
Took a rental car and reached the parking at 3 pm.
Parked at 4570 Camino De La Plaza and walked to PedEast - Cross the road from the parking lot and get on the over bridge. At the foot of the bridge is the CBP office
Reached the office around 315 pm. Explained the reason of the visit to the officer at the gate who asked us to wait outside and informed a CBP officer
The CBP Officer asked us to get into Mexico and get back into the US
Crossed the border and reached the Mexico immigration - Passport validated and stamped
Entered Mexico walked around and got into the US.
The officers at the US border only asked what my visa type was (didn’t inspect passport) and asked us to get into the yellow building for next steps
Met a CBP Officer who inspected our passport and visa pages and asked another officer to issue i94
The second officer didn’t inspect any documents, just issued i94 until the petition date.
Walked to the next set of security and got out around 4 pm.

Many thanks to everyone on this forum for sharing their experiences. It was of great help. :pray::pray:

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Northeast folks, anyone considering travel to Cancun. Direct flights from Philadelphia and a short 3.5 hours should do it. No restrictions as far as I am aware, thoughts?

I thought about it but I think international returns are only allowed in a few airports where they can check for COVID and PHL was not on the list. So took the option of San Diego from where others were able to get this done.

That restriction is only for EU flights as far as I know. I can see flights landing every other day from Mexico at philly. Thanks for your response.

I had the same success when I went to San Ysidro Border (05/12). Officer was very helpful, He took me to yellow building since I was not aware that they are taking payment and Issuing I-94 there.
Recently I checked my I-94 online and noticed that officer made a mistake and he entered my expired passport number in the New I-94 though I gave him my current(new) passport for review and stamp.
I have valid paper I-94 and stamp on my current(new) passport.
Do I need to make that correction for online I-94 since it’s showing my expired passport number?
Any comments folks?

Hi @Hvisa

Its not a mistake. They use the old passport number as it is attached to your visa stamp and i797 approval.

Don’t worry. Its perfectly fine.

Hi @Hvisa

Thank you for sharing your experience. I have been tense for the past few days as I am in the same boat.

  • Original I-94 until Aug 2020
  • on 2nd visit was changed to Feb 2020 as my passport expired then
  • Employer noticed the expired I-94 during H1B extension petition process
  • Contacted Chicago CBP office and they were not willing to help.
  • I have I-797A valid until 09/03/2020

I am planning to visit San Ysidro Border as well like you. Is there something I need to do before? Do I need to talk to an officer at CBP at the San Ysidro Border?

Attorney scared me that they might not let me in once I cross the border. Should I be worried?

Also in the documents required you mentioned “Brochure”? What do you mean that.

Appreciate the help in advance.

Thank you.


This is the step by step guide for San Ysidro if you want to read:

Hi @Anil_Gupta Thanks for sharing this.

I have a question regarding Employment Verification letter.

My employer put me on a leave of absence until they figure this out. They also included that I am on leave of absence on my Employment Verification Letter.

Will that have any adverse effects during the process?

Thank you.