How many points needed for Australia PR with 10+yrs exp in IT?

Hi Anil -Thanks for the preparation tips and it is very helpful information by keeping in one place.

I am trying to immigrate to the Australia and want to know how many points I supposed to get as per latest lottery?

To begin with my background.I am yet to take PTE exam and having 10+ years of experience in IT.

Looking forward to hear from you.


Australia Aug 11, 2018 Draw - IT invitation

At this time (after Aug 11, 2018 draw), you need at-least 75 points to have any real chance of getting invitation in IT field.
With 70 points, there is a long waiting of at-least 10-12 months.

English score is one of the main component and it is absolutely necessary to fetch maximum points here.

Other important step would be work experience evaluation by ACS.


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