How long is CKGS shipping label valid for after generating it?

I have completed the on-line filling process and paid the fee. I see the shipping label available for download … i haven’t downloaded yet , so how long is it valid ?

I still need to get the marriage cert and i-797 notarized.

Also regarding the Appearance form , Do i need to notarize that even if i didn’t change ??

CKGS Shipping label valid for 15 days

Shipping label is valid for 15 days. You can download it but make sure you send the package within 15 days.
Notarization is mentioned against each document on the document checklist.

Change of Appearance form - Notary is required

‘Change of appearance’ form needs notarization even if you did not change.
At-least one hair would have turned gray :). Just kidding.

it will never expire in 15 days i confirm, as per my experience. within a year anytime you can

Hi @Gulshan_Grand

Thanks for sharing. Looks like CKGS has changed the contact with Fedex. It used to expire last year.