How long I can stay in USA on unstamped H1B visa filed under COS

My H1B visa was submitted under change of status and it’s been almost a year I am still in the USA without stamping and H1B is transferred to a new employer. My question is “Is it ok to stay in the USA with an unstamped H1B visa(COS) as long as I wish to? or is there any time limit I can stay in the USA with an unstamped H1B visa?”

Thank You

Visa is a travel document required to enter the US. I94 governs your stay and status in the US. So as long as you have a valid I94, you can stay in the US even if you dont have a visa stamp in your passport for the related status.
However once you leave the US, you will need to go for stamping in whatever status you want to enter back in the US.