How ling it takes to get new ITIN for H4 spouse?

I’ve filed my taxes on Feb - 2020(living in California). Since I got married last year, this time I had to file new ITIN for my wife(in H4 visa). I went through the correct process and filed my returns through tax prepares - United Tax. However, until now I haven’t received any communication from the IRS about the new ITIN card or any status about it.

My tax preparers says that they could see that IRS has received my papers. Since it is a new ITIN, they haven’t filed anything electronically. So, I’m unable to track anything online. My tax preparer told that once I received my ITIN, they’ll file the returns electronically.

Therefore, I haven’t received any tax returns(both State and Federal) for this year until now. Tax preparers are not very helpful to follow up with IRS. Also, I’m unable to find any direct IRS contact numbers to enquire the progress of my new ITIN application. I understand it takes longer than maximum waiting time compared with last year, because of COVID. Anyway, I feel its almost 6 months since I filed my taxes and also 0 communication from them.

Please advise how should I proceed? to whom should I contact to escalate the process of receiving new ITIN? Is anyone facing same issues as mine?

In the middle, I have changed my apartment, so I sent a ‘change of address’(form 8822) to IRS as advised by tax preparers.

You are talking about filing taxes or filing W7 form for getting ITIN?

I am confused as you are saying both but have not talked about W7 form at all.