How is the IT market there in Australia midst this COVID-19

I am wondering what will be the best time to move to Australia provided this COVID-19 crisis is on.
I am an IT guy not sure how is the current job market there ?

Do you plan to share some insights on latest on job market and consultants etc. who can help us getting job there ?

I know we are always asking you about something or other, let me know if I can help you in someway.

I suggest to wait until the situation improves. IT jobs are usually available but highly concentrated in certain places.

Usually, the referral network works for jobs in Australia. Jobs sites do work but people wait for 3-4 months to see a real opportunity with it.

hmm, our 6 years are completing this December and we were planning to move sometime before that. Let’s see :slight_smile:


I suggest to get an Australian number and then start applying jobs in June. Australia goes into holiday mood in last quarter and you won’t get many calls for interview.

If you miss last quarter, the chances are high that you will need to wait till Feb to get any real interview call.

The Australian school system starts new session in Jan last week. So, plan accordingly.

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k, Thanks for your suggestion

Is there any consultant or someone who is working with TruVisa community to help get jobs

There is no official consultant with Truvisa at this time.

Do you think getting an employer in US who can sponsor to get i-140 will help to buy time staying in US for some more time (3-4 extra months) makes sense in my situation ?

I may be wrong but now thinking if I get i-140 in next 7-8 months, then will extend our US stay for some more time and once the market is in decent shape will move to Australia.

hesitant to ask dumb questions like this, but for me its like asking Big B for opinion before taking any step :smiley:

It is better to move next year as the situation is not good right now.

Hey Anil,
In current situation suppose we get some job opportunity and everything goes fine, employer agrees to work remotely. Then what are the options for us to work from US for 3-4 months before moving there for good. I am on H1B here in US.

Stay Safe !

You have to abide by US laws if you are in US physically.

So, maintain your US H1B visa while you work remotely for company in Australia.

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Hey Anil,
Hope you keeping weel.
Any links and trusted phone no services you are aware of ?


Which location are you talking about? Australia?

As u suggested earlier, planning to buy some phone no like virtual phone no

I have never bought a virtual number but some people did suggest it is possible.

Search online.

Sure, As part of my search for this I am starting first from TruVisa :slight_smile: I started a new thread here.
I will update what steps I followed or if somebody already did this can post there too.


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