Health Checkup for new born

Hi Anil,

I got the invite for 189 on March 10th but delayed the visa application submission as my wife is pregnant and we didn’t want to go for her Health checkup during pregnancy.

Submitted the application on May 1st as last date was May 9th. We are expecting our 2nd child sometime 2nd week of June.

Me and my first child got our health checkup done yesterday (May 25th). Wife will complete health checkup after delivery.

Do we need to get the health checkup done for the new born also or just the additional docs (form 1022+ birth cert + Passport) would suffice ?

Case officer will decide is the Health check for new born can be waived off or not.

You should submit the new born child information and documents as and when they are available.

Thanks for the response Anil!

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