Has H1B premium processing suspension helped reduce processing time?

Has H1B premium processing suspension reduced processing time?

We track the USCIS service centers to see if they have really improved or reduced the processing time of H1B applications after the Sep 11, 2018 Premium processing suspension.

These are LIVE graphs that get updated daily. Please give them a minute to load.

If you do not see any fluctuation in the graph, then it means that there is NO change in the number of days that USCIS is currently taking to processing H1B application starting Sep 11, 2018.

H1B Extension, transfer and Amendment processing time - Days

H1B Change of Status processing time - Days

H1B Consular Processing - Days

H1B processing real dates are available here:

How we collect processing time data?

The graphs are based on the data shared publicly by USCIS on their processing time check website.