H4EAD to h1B Lottery approved in Consular. Is it safe to File H1 transfer & then visa stmaping?

Hi Anil,

Thanks for creating this portal and your prompt replies.

I am on H4-EAD currently and have the H1-B approved through CAP in 2019 with current Employer (EMP1).

I wanted to ask if I change the employer to, say, Employer 2 (EMP2), will it affect my process at the consular Visa stamping when I interview with I-797 of EMP2. Is it recommended to obtain Visa stamping with EMP1 (provider of first I-797 through CAP) to avoid possible RFE.

In short, my employment summary will show to be:

  1. H4 -> H1(EMP1)
  2. H1(EMP1)->H1(EMP2) (transfer)

Please suggest the best way to handle travel in the above situation.


It is better to get H1B stamping for the employer for whom it has been approved. The chances are much better.

There could be anything if you file transfer and then go for stamping. I can’t really guess it.