H4EAD to H1B and then back to H4 EAD

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I hope you are doing good. I have a question if you can please help me to understand.
H4 EAD- valid till 2022
H1B is picked this year. (2020)

  1. if H1B gets approved with change of status, that means it will be activated by October 1 . After some days let’s say 20 days i.e 20 october i want to work on H4 EAD again. i know we can file COs from H1B to H4. it may take 2-3 months to get approved. My questions can i use my ead which was valid till 2022 initially or do i need to file for new EAD because of recent COS from H1B to H4

  2. After H1B, if i travel to home country and come back on H4 . What will happen to EAD? Basically, if i want to avoid COS and travelling is quicker option. Can i use EAD was valid till 2022 initially or do i need to file for new EAD card?

  3. if H1B is approved under counsellor processing. Let’s say if i don’t get stamping and haven’t used it because i want to continue on h4 EAD itself.Can i use this approved H1B in future for cap exempt or with any employer.
    I will really appreciate your response.

The H4 EAD card stays valid as long as the validity date mentioned on it.

Thanks for your reply.
what will be happen with EAD when changed from H1B to H4B. I understand COS needs to get approved to be on H4 but do we need need to apply for an EAD again or EAD which was valid before H4 to H1B would be applicable.

Basically, currently H4 EAD is valid till september 2022 . if H1B gets approved with adjustment of status by September end . So, H1B will be applicable from 1 October 2020. If COS from H1B is applied in December and gets approved in February 2021.Does EAD which was valid till september 2022 would be considered or new EAD needs to be filed again?

Also, 2nd question- If H1B gets approved with counslar processing by an employer B and for some reason it’s not used ( means didn’t get a stamping because continued on EAD with employer A) . Can i use the unused approved petition in future with any employer as cap exempt instead of going through lottery again. Please note : it’s approved with counslar processing without any I94 attached.