H4ead issued for 1 year to match passport expiry date?

I recently received my H4ead work authorization card. But it is valid only upto jan 2020,even thoughmy husband’s h1 is valid through December 2020. Is it because my passport expires in jan 2020? I’m confused, since the exact date for my passport expiry is 18th jan 2020, but they issued my ead with a valid through date of 28th jan 2020. If it’s really becouse of my passport expiry, then why did they give 10 days extra?

Can i renew my passport now and send them a letter requesting them to increase my validity oeriod based on my husbands h1 validity?

Please advise

Hi @gaurna

Yes, it looks like your H4 EAD approval has been restricted to your passport expiry date. Usually, they don’t do restrict it.

What’s the validity date of your i94? I think your i94 would also be restricted to your passport expiry + 10 days.

These days, USCIS gives and extra 10 days after your last visa date to help people wear up their belongings and then go out of US (if they have to).

That’s why you see 10 extra days.

H4 EAD extension / renewal

You will have to file a H4 EAD renewal application now after passport renewal and an extended i94.

I can help more if you share your i94 validity date.

Hi Anil,

My i-94 “Admit until date” is same as my passport expiry date 18th jan 2020. So, if this is due to my passport expiry, what should be my next steps. When can i apply for ead renewal. I’m a bit worried since the proposed rule for revoke can come anytime now and I was hoping to get full benefit while it still exists. Can i send them a letter requesting to increase my ead validity date, after renewing my passport?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Ok… so my estimation was correct.
The short H4 EAD validity is due to short i94 expiry.

You should have ideally got your passport renewed and i94 extended before H4 EAD application to get longer validity.

Anyway, now you should:

  1. First get your passport renewed.

  2. Then, get a new i94. There are 3 ways you can get new i94:

  1. Then, apply for H4 EAD renewal using new passport and new i94. You will get full validity based on your H4 validity.

H4 EAD renewal

There is no way to send letter to USCIS and get extension for H4 EAD. You will have to apply for renewal with full application fees to be paid again.

Thanks again Anil!

Based on the links that you mentioned above, it looks like Incan only apply for a renewal 180 days before the ead exipry, so there is nothing much I can do now vis-a-vis my ead correct?

Yes, you can’t apply for EAD renewal before 180 days of expiry.
If you apply, they will send the application back to you with an RFE!

You have ample time to get paspsort and i94 renewed till then.