H4EAD for 2 months or file concurrently with H1B extension?

My 6th year H1B is up for renewal this April 2020. My H1B expires Sep 2020. I just got my I-140 approval. Waiting for the I-140 approval notice in mail to file my spouse’s H4-EAD for first time.

Question1- Current EAD processing time is 7 months which would be close to Aug 2020 when I get EAD for my wife, is it advisable to file it now since it will expire in less than a month when it arrives? Or is it better to apply after my employer files my H1B extension?

Question2- When I apply for EAD now and by the time my employer files my H1B extension, shall I file another EAD application by April while one application is pending?

Question3- What is the best route to take since the rule is under revoke process? My spouse is waiting since 5 yrs and I have already started her Canada PR process.

Appreciate suggestion/comments on this

Hi @Sagar_Srinivasa

My suggestion is to file H4 EAD application concurrently with your H1B extension.

You will need to file a new H4 EAD application anyway with your extension even if you file an H4 EAD now.